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Being an Mom active in sports and fitness is truly rewarding…..but in reality it’s not always easy….or pretty!! For some quick inspiration and fun check out the Active Mom Life page. Photos, quotes, stories from other active moms…it keeps it real!…

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Welcome to Kick It Like Mom: For the Love of Sports, Fitness and Family Whether you’re a soccer mom, a runner mom, a yoga mom, a mom looking to get back into fitness or even just a busy mom with…

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A happy young mother and daughter wearing workout gear are together on the beach at dusk. The mother is kneeling down next to her daughter, and both are flexing their arms to show how strong they are.

Quick and Clean: Post-Workout Snacks on the Go, Go, Go

Even on the busiest day, one quick fitness habit will keep you powered up and fuel your power of Go!

Athleta Street Tight Cover

Love at First Tight: Athleta Street Tight Legging Collection

Looking for the perfect pant to take you right from workout to town, look no further than the Athleta Street Tight!

New Mom At Home Fitness Workout Cover

The New Mom’s Guide to Getting Your At-Home Workouts Done

With a new baby sometimes all you need is the right motivation and a few tricks up your sleeve to conquer your day and your workouts!

KILM Sprint: 10 Electronic Dance Tracks to Heat up Your Winter Workouts

Brrr— Baby it’s COLD outside!!  Unless you live in a warm state— or country— in which case I envy you! I LOVE Electronic Dance music to help me power through those winter runs and workouts! If your playlist is in…

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KILM Sprint: Gymboree Gym Go Activewear for Kids

Kick It Like Mom Sprints: Lightning Fast Tips for the Active Mom on the Go! Like most moms of little ones trying to sneak in a killer at-home workout, I constantly get interrupted by my 4- year old daughter. Not…

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KILM Sprint: Tips for a Hydrated Day of Winter Sports (Because You’re Not Drinking Enough Water!)

Kick It Like Mom Sprints: Lightning Fast Tips for the Active Mom on the Go! Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are exciting ways to stay active during those long winter months. But all that fun flying down the slopes…

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